Carnival Against the Cuts

Protest against the Cuts – February 19th

Take to the streets on February 19th!

The streets of Lewisham will resound to the noise of angry residents with saucepans and wooden spoons at 12 noon to show their disgust at the cuts announced by Mayor of Lewisham Steve Bullock which target children and the poorest rather than making sure David Cameron’s cuts are rejected.

Various campaigning groups have come together with Lewisham People Before Profit and Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance to organise a borough-wide protest on February 19th, outside the threatened libraries, children’s centres and the town hall.

There will also be protests outside banks, who have continued to pay huge bonuses to their bosses while failing to lend money to small businesses who could help regenerate the area.

People will gather from 11am to 12noon, singing, chanting, giving out leaflets to passers by and then at 12 noon we will all bang our saucepans with wooden spoons or saucepan lids to make a cacophony of noise.

The events will be photographed and videoed with as many as possible being uploaded to this website.

March from Catford Town Hall to Lewisham Library

After the noisy protest people will make their way to the Town Hall in Catford to assemble by 1pm for a short march past Lewisham Hospital, to be joined there by health campaigners from Keep Our NHS Public, then on past Ladywell Leisure Centre, being run-down by privateers Parkwood Leisure, past the fire station where FBU members may well be on strike and finishing with a short rally on the grassy area on the corner of Lewisham High Street and Rennel Street

Carnival – Flyer to Download

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