Camberwell College Of Arts

Wilson Rd
Camberwell, London
Saturday at 10:00 – Sunday at 18:00

Arts Against Cuts collective invite everyone to another weekend of learning, sharing, planning and organising.

Following on from the fantastic Long Weekend at Goldsmiths in December, the Turner Prize Tate and National Gallery teach-ins, the Book Blocks and the many occupations and actions that emerged from this meeting, Arts Against Cuts are organising another weekend of action, planning, imagining, working and thinking together.

We will make sure that all the knowledge, ideas, tools and projects which emerge from the event will be disseminated and put into action in streets and public spaces across the country and be shared by all those in the anti-cuts movements. The Direct Weekend will be a feast of non stop workshops and presentations, how-to sessions and skill shares, and a lot of free space for spontaneous creation of events and actions. Its not important what art is but what it does, and right now it has the potential to turn the crisis of cuts into an opportunity for change.

Working towards the National Demo on the 29th of January and beyond, we are inviting all those who are interested in creative forms of resistance to join us this weekend.

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