Call for UCU Condemnation of Police Violence on 9th of December

If you’re a UCU member, please could you consider adding your name to the following letter:

Dear All,

We, as members of the University and College Union, call upon our General Secretary, Sally Hunt, to condemn in the strongest possible terms the systematic police violence against staff and student
protesters that took place during the national protest against the increase in tuition fees on 9 December 2010. Many of our students suffered unprovoked attacks at the hands of the police, whilst exercising their democratic right to protest.

In particular, we call upon our general secretary to demand that those responsible for the brutal attack on Alfie Meadows be brought to justice. Alfie, a 20 year-old student of philosophy at Middlesex University, suffered a life-threatening injury, which required
emergency brain surgery.

In an email to UCU members on 11 November 2010 Sally Hunt was quick to characterise the events at Millbank on the previous day as a terrifying “ordeal”. We are disturbed that she has yet to condemn the outrageous violence against our students and colleagues. As our General Secretary, we expect her do so immediately.

*to add your name, please email

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