To the Goldsmiths Occupation,

News of the library occupation is spreading, adding to the general
excitement produced by the recent occupations at other London
institutions, such as at the Slade and SOAS. Here in NYC, where there has
been no such visible action – even though the New York state university
system is cutting programmes left and right (the closure of 7
arts/humanities departments announced earlier this term has been highly
publicized amongst academics, but it has gone unnoticed by the larger
public or in the mainstream media) – the London occupations are raising
our spirits. You are highly visible. The momentum is clearly building.
Keep up the excellent work.

The recent efforts to quash protest and shut you up – by billing (or
threatening to bill?) students for damages incurred during the Deptford
Town Hall occupation – are appalling and totally inexcusable. These official
messages have been inane and offensive and represent the purest
propaganda.  I have asked friends and
colleagues to speak out against these attempts at intimidation, and I am
confident they will.

As many of you have already pointed out, such intimidation is especially
appalling when it comes from an administration that prides itself on
fostering creativity and intellectual freedom. It is also cowardly. Ditto
for the administration’s refusal to grant the request to reschedule
Thursday’s lectures in order to encourage participation of students and
staff in the demonstrations during the parliamentary vote on tuition fees.
There is not a single legitimate reason for the college administration not
to support your protest. These efforts to quash student protest are a new

Keep it up, keep the updates coming, we are watching, send good images, too


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3 Responses to Solidarity

  1. Whocares says:

    Stupid fucking little shits. Block the library, prevent people from studying, accessing books to write their fucking dissertations before the xmas break. Selfish, moronic children. Try a more intelligent, more efficient approach losers.

    • Klamber says:

      Is that PC Dribble? We know you care really and we understand your sick body-mind complex. Try taking more medication to ease your mental suffering.

  2. APerson says:

    Block the library? The library is now more open than it ever was, considering that previously one had to be a member of Goldsmiths to be able to enter it, and now everyone in the community is welcome.

    Prevent people from studying? Have you actually stopped by and visited? People are studying all over the place. The library is packed.

    Accessing books? People are checking out, browsing, returning, even reshelving books all around.

    Writing dissertations? Once again, look around. People are writing on the computers all over.

    At least take the trouble to inform yourself of the actual situation before launching into a baseless tirade.

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