To student occupation @ Goldsmiths:

The student occupations and demonstrations an inspiration to all those who wish to see an active campaign against the government’s cuts programme. You are part of the resistance to the concerted attack by this government which says there is no alternative.

There is an alternative. The question ultimately is: who pays for this crisis caused by the banks? It’s clear that students shouldn’t pay for it, and it’s clear that public sector workers shouldn’t either.

We should be unified in demanding that those who caused the crisis should pay for it.

Together we can win.

Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary

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One Response to Solidarity

  1. Now is the time when we can choose to act or choose to fail. The changes that this Coalition government propose are extreme and radical and hit at the heart of our welfare state affecting the provision of education, health, public services, culture and the care for the vulnerable in our society. Under the guise of attacking the deficit they are attacking a set of values that could and should allow us to create a more equal society. They shirk their responsibilities for climate change action and shun any vision of a more egalitarian future. They claim that debt is the most serious and concerning threat to our future then plan to saddle such debt on our students. Some have lied. Some are hypocrites. They are all irresponsible .
    Together we can win the arguments . Together we can fight and win the battle for a better future.

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