Library Fines

Dear SMT,

We have occupied the library space in support of College students and workers. We cannot accept a university system utterly subordinated to market imperatives; we cannot accept a university system that serves to reproduce and fortify social inequalities.

It is not acceptable for you to avoid taking a position on these cuts; silent acquiescence is an insult to your students and staff, many of whom will soon be unable to afford to send their own children to the College. We have decided to disrupt the operation of the College because we see no other way of forcing you to take a public stance. However, we will not allow this to be a case of ‘one door closes, another door opens’: in solidarity with the student body, we demand that all fines accrued during the period of the occupation be waived.

Kind Regards,
The Occupiers

p.s.: Sincere apologies to those who receive this on the behalf of their bosses.

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4 Responses to Library Fines

  1. Frances says:

    Just to clarify: Does this mean that the library is inaccessible by students wishing to use it?

    • The library is open to College students and the wider Lewisham community twenty-four hours a day and will continue to be so until our demands are met. Please come down at any time to study, use IT Services, or to return or withdraw books (or indeed to attend lectures, talks, film screenings or meetings). Since we are not currently allowing paid work to occur in the space, some items (such as DVDs) cannot currently be returned. For that reason, we demand that any fines accrued during occupation are waived.
      The Occupiers

    • No the library is open to all students

  2. Whocares says:

    Fuck You.

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