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Plan for today, join us!


Access to the occupation, still at the Whitehead building, via the main RHB building.

[Back gate locked!]

Plan for today:

14.30 – general meeting

16.00 – Neil Transpontine talks about radical history of New Cross

17.00 – Skype date with Cambridge, @CamDefendEd

18.00 onwards, tbc: a film screening, banner making session etc…

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our statement, again…

Goldsmiths is now occupied in solidarity with the UK-wide strike on November 30th and the global occupy movement. We are here because we reject the privatisation of the university, symptomatic of the neo-liberal agenda that permeates all aspects of life. For this reason we have strategically occupied the building housing Goldsmiths’ finance offices, responsible for executing the cuts and the privatisation agenda. This building also houses the Ian Gulland lecture theatre. Lectures can go ahead as planned on the condition that they are open to the public. All groups on and off-campus are encouraged to use this space to host meetings, events, and planning sessions for actions on November 30th.

Where the current government agenda not only encourages, but enforces the transfer of public resources to private hands we join people worldwide in taking them back!

Programming at the occupation is open to everyone to design.

* General Assemblies, daily

* Drop in banner-making

* Film screenings

* Teach-ins

And anything else you can suggest…

Stay in touch on email:

Who are we?

We are an open heterogeneous group including Goldsmiths staff, students and many others who believe the university is a public resource that should be open to all. We stand with all those affected by the privitisation agenda and against those who profit from its misery.

Where are we?

Whitehead Building

Goldsmiths, University of London

New Cross, SE14

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We are still here

Our Twitter and blog accounts have been hacked 

Please ignore all tweets, and/or twats, from last night!

We suspect it might have been Princess B. Oh well.

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Occupation Meeting

Please come to a meeting today to build for the General Strike on the 30th of November.  11.15am, 24th of November, Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre, Whitehead Building, Goldsmiths.


Join the occupation!

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Goldsmiths is Occupied!

The Whitehead Building at Goldsmiths is now occupied in solidarity with the November 30th strike and the global occupation movement. We reject the privatisation and marketisation of life, and the violent transfer of public wealth into private hands. We stand with all those afflicted by this vile agenda and against those who profit from this enforced misery.

P.S. Fuck those cowardly bureaucrats who think they run this university and who consistently refuse to support the staff and students of Goldsmiths. They are not educators.

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GFB meeting – 20th October, at 6pm

We are holding our next meeting on the Thursday the 20th of October, at 6pm in room 143, RHB


– What happened last year and what have we learned from it?
– What is happening to our education system?
– What is happening to our society?

And how do we fight back!?

Goldsmith Fights Back ( is a group that has come out of the occupation movement last year. We come together in opposition to the cuts, in education and across the public sector. Education is a right for all. We act in solidarity with all those affected and all groups organising in resistance against these ideologically-motivated attacks.

We were and are heavily involved with the student movement but have also campaigned alongside local anti cuts groups like LACA (Lewisham Anti Cuts Aliance), Social Centre Plus (a squatted Social Centre on Deptford High street), and the campaign to save the New Cross library. This year we plan to broaden and escalate the struggle, working with lecturers, students, workers; and the local community.

We aim to promote radical politics, build and organise on campus for the student demonstration on November the 9th (!/event.php?eid=172700659466128) and aim to practically support local strike action and picket lines on November the 30th. (

Please come and get involved – our meetings are run on non-hierarchical, egalitarian and non-sectarian lines. Everybody (well…no fascists, racists or sexists please) is welcome and has an equal say. There is some agenda points as you can see below, but if there is anything you would like to discuss or if you have any ideas than we can simply add these on the day.

Join us on facebook and keep an eye on our blog

PS: You may have seen those ridiculous marketing slogans plastered all over London like “I’m interested if the internet is re-wiring our brains. And I volunteer for the Games”, especially the one above the library. We would like you to come up with an alternative slogan, in the same format, to take to the meeting 😉

Fuck the Olympics,

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